Glowstar Media to distribute Flixxo’s productions

The Argentine content distributor Glowstar Media announced a partnership agreement with the Argentine platform Flixxo to distribute its content in the international market. Flixxo’s titles include fictional content in film or micro-series format. Most of them are premiere premium content, animations for young people and adults and formats for local adaptation in different territories, as reported by the specialized website Prensario.

Some of the productions that are part of the agreement are titled ‘Cine en la vida real’; ‘Neptunia’, available in both film and serial formats, and ‘Alt Esc’. Flixxo is focused on a short format content catalog, and was created based on a ‘gamification’ and cryptocurrency scheme.

‘With Flixxo we want to break the VOD triad (SVOD, TVOD and AVOD) with a model that we call G-VOD or Gamified VOD, that is, a system that combines all three, but is supported on the gaming concept. The idea is to retain users through reward schemes in our Flixx currency, always with an eye toward being re-spent on content and that producers gain visibility with their products’, Adrian Garelik, CEO, reported to Prensario.