Globo’s Modo Viagem channel confirms premiere date in Brazil

Globo, the Brazilian entertainment giant, has confirmed the premiere date of Modo Viagem, its new lifestyle and tourism-oriented channel that will replace the historic Mais na Tela. As of January 11, 2022, the programming will completely change to the new signal, which will also bring an image transformation under the slogan “New senses”.

In 2007, Globo launched the Globosat HD channel, which, just as it was announced by its name, began a new era of image quality on the country’s television, as it was one of the first channels to transmit all its content entirely in high definition. Five years later, the brand changed to Mais Globosat, due to the expansion of HD to other Globo Group channels. Finally, in October 2020 it was transformed into Mais na tela.

According to Globo, from January 11 next year, Modo Viagem will offer a vision focused on “lightness, simplicity and versatility”. Inspired by the content of its predecessor, the new channel will include six programming sections: Food Experiences, Seen from Above, Travel Guide, Accommodation and Culture. On the other hand, the company also announced that during the premiere day, the channel will broadcast a special program to promote the new series that will occupy the screen, such as “A Vida é uma Passagem”, “Vinhos.Br” and “Expedições”; in addition to some productions of Mais Na Tela that will continue to air, such as “Brasil Vistas de Cima”, “Destino Certo” and “Hotéis Incrveis”.