Globoplay surpasses 12 thousand hours of content dubbed into Spanish and expands in Europe

Globoplay, the subscription streaming service of the Brazilian operator Globo, surpassed 12 thousand hours of content dubbed into Spanish and seeks to expand mainly in Spain. In addition, it added other dubbing of soap operas, original series, films and other products from its seven linear channels for its arrival in more than 20 countries in Europe and Canada.

We are very happy to expand Globoplay’s frontiers to new territories. Now, more experienced, we have taken a new step with the business in Europe and Canada. Globo streaming offers a universe of possibilities to subscribers through films, telenovelas, original series and many other incredible products present in the platform. From here on, we will be even closer to our audience, who can watch any content whenever and wherever they want through Globoplay”, Raphael Corrêa Netto, Globo’s director of international business, said. 

Despite its long expansion, Globoplay’s main focus is its arrival in Spain, the country for which it dubbed the most content. “Spain is an important and strategic market for Globo, we see that there are various business opportunities according to the preferences and demand of the Spanish public“, Angela Colla, Globo’s head of international sales, explained. 

“At Globo we have a vast catalogue of productions already dubbed into Spanish available: relevant stories, from soap operas to original series of various genres capable of moving the audience, making them feel identified and connecting with the public from the country. Plots that connect to the Spanish market. Our mission at Globo is to offer the best content to generate value for our local partner ”, she added.