Globoplay plans to include Globosat live channels on its catalog

As officially reported by the specialized Brazilian website TudoCelular, Globo plans to add Globosat channels, with linear and live programming, on its OTT Globoplay catalog through a new package, which will require an additional payment to the platform’s monthly subscription.

The channels that can be part of the new Globoplay offer are GNT, SporTV (three channels), Multishow, Mais Globosat, Bis, Viva, Off, Gloob, Globinho, Canal Brasil, Megapix, Globo News, Futura, Studio Universal, Universal TV and Syfy – in these last three cases, Globosat does not produce the TV networks, but only distributes them in Brazil.

In mid-2019, Globo made a series of trial versions on the initiative with selected Globoplay customers, who were offered access to Globosat channels. The OTT subscribers who were chosen were notified via email, informing them that the measure was part of an initial  trial version.

TudoCelular also reported that the name that Globo may choose for the new package with Globosat channels is ‘Globoplay+ Canais’. According to the website, sources from Globo reported that the price of the new offer would cost around R$ 45 (USD 8) per month. Currently, the only Globoplay monthly subscription is valued at R$ 21.90 (USD 4). In addition, according to TudoCelular, the initiative will depend on regulatory changes that allow a content generator to participate on its distribution, which is not allowed,  according to the Audiovisual Contents Law of Brazil (SeAC Law, N° 12,485, 2011).