Globo and SBT negotiate F1 broadcasts in Brazil from 2021

After the Brazilian company Globo announced a few months ago its decision not to renew the agreement to broadcast Formula 1 races in the country from 2021, several specialized websites in Brazil, including UOL, announced that Globo and SBT are negotiating with Liberty Media, owner of the F1 rights, in order to acquire the rights of the competition in Brazil, after Liberty Media and Rio Motorsports, which had already announced an agreement for televising  the seasons that go from 2021 and 2025, finally have not came to terms  with the negotiations.

Globo, owner of the rights to broadcast Formula 1 races in Brazil until December 31st this year, had announced in August that it would not renew the license for the competition’s TV rights for next year. According to different sources, Globo did not agree to pay the amount of money requested by Liberty Media to broadcast the content.

In late November, UOL confirmed that SBT began negotiating the F1 rights directly with the owner of Formula One Group. In addition, local websites also confirmed that Globo resumed negotiations with Liberty Media after the break with Rio Motorsports. This way, Globo or SBT would be the most aimed screen to air Formula 1 races in Brazil from 2021. Specialized websites in Brazil also reported that the reason for the breakdown of the partnership between Rio Motorsports and Liberty Media was because the latter did not agree that Rio Motorsports would sublicense the rights to TV Cultura to broadcast F1 throughout Brazil.