Gigared will provide Android ISDB-T STB

Gigared evaluates providing Android ISDB-T Set Up Boxes for those tv devices that aren’t prepared with a digital tuner, as explained by Juan García Bish, the company’s New Businesses Manager, in the second day of the Nextv Series South America 2021 event. 

In the panel called The ultra-connectivity of home 2.0, García Bish talked about one of the main problems that their company has to deal with, which is that a lot of the TV devices that are being used aren’t prepared to receive digital content. “The only solution we found was to move us to the ISDB-T air standard”, he explained

To face this issue, Gigared plans to provide to those TV devices with an Android ISDB-T Set Up Box, which also allows them to offer their own OTT. This STB will not only turn the tv into a Smart Tv, but also will have a direct access to “Espacio Giga”, Gigared’s streaming platform

We are adopting a new role of being connectivity providers”, concluded Gigared’s New Businesses Manager.