GatesAir wins TVN Chile digital TV broadcasting contract

GatesAir, a global leader in content delivery solutions for radio and TV broadcasters, has won a large digital TV broadcasting contract with Chilean public service broadcaster Television Nacional de Chile (TVN Chile), which stipulates a three-year rollout of 124 ISDB-Tb digital TV devices in key cities throughout Chile, with initial deployments focused on Concepcion and Valparaiso City.

‘GatesAir has been in business for nearly 100 years, and has supported many of the largest national DTV transition projects worldwide’, said Mario Sepulveda, Chief Engineer, TVN Chile. ‘Our experience with GatesAir has proven they can reliably support large transmission networks with technical resources and spare parts, quickly solve problems, and fortify projects with customer-friendly frame agreements and warranties’, he added.

Rich Redmond, President and Managing Director, International at GatesAir, said that ‘our customers in Latin America face a challenging, multi-phased DTT transition timeframe ending in 2024’, to later add that ‘we will work closely with TVN Chile to meet their 2022 transition deadline for some cities, while providing a technically superior solution that will help them introduce new services and reduce operational costs nationwide’.