Gambia moving towards digital television broadcasting

Digital Gambia Limited (DGL), the public signal distributor for terrestrial television (DTT) and EXCAF-Gambia telecom recently informed journalists on the various aspects involved in the migration from analogue to digital television broadcasting by 2020.

The migration from analogue to digital broadcasting is the procedure in which television services operating on analogue networks are shifted to digital-based transmission networks over a period of time in which at the end of the process, the analogue transmitters are switched-off.

The Managing Director of EXCAF Gambia, Kanteh Faly, stated that the project needs high technicality and proper sensitization throughout the country.

He further declared, ‘’The transfer will bring quality television broadcasting to Gambians that meets international standards. “The migration will lead to the release of some valuable spectrum currently used for analogue television broadcasting for the provision of mobile broadband services. Television stations will just be focused on content production whereas DGL and EXCAF will be on broadcasting.”

The Director General of Gambia Radio and Television Services (GRTS), Abdou Touray, indicated that the television broadcasting will be out of the system by 2020 with Gambia joining the rest of West Africa to become a success story. The national broadcaster is going to introduce more programmes that will include entertainment, religion and sports.

Touray concluded, “When this migration take place, one will not need to buy a new television set he already has an analogue television. With an existing analogue TV set, one only needs to buy an approved set top box (decoder) that complies with Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) receiver standard.”