“France 24 en español” increases to 24 hours a day of broadcasts

“France 24 en español”, the Spanish-speaking version of the French public TV network, increased its transmission time to 24 hours a day of programming. For the fourth anniversary of its launch in Latin America, the signal doubled the broadcast time it had had since September 2019.

In the last years, the channel has expanded throughout the region and has managed to broadcast in 17 Spanish-speaking countries in Central and South America, as well as in Brazil. In total, more than 12.5 million households in those countries have access to its content, in addition to another 12 million partial broadcasts in Mexico.

As reported by France 24, the signal attracts more than 3 million viewers weekly in Colombia, Argentina and Mexico, 56% more than it had registered in 2019. In addition, in the digital market, the Spanish version obtains around 2, 8 million views per month and exceeded 91.4 million on YouTube so far this year, 26% higher than what was achieved in 2020.