Fox Sports’ Hernán Donnari: “We are very happy with the results of the Superliga”

During NexTV Series Argentina, Hernán Donnari, EVP of Fox Sports South America, spoke about the challenges in broadcasting the Argentine soccer league, known as the Superliga.
According to the executive, the Argentine soccer was “a great bet” that involved “a jump to a land where there were no certainties”. “We had a conviction that Argentine soccer represented a huge opportunity, and that conviction was also understood by AFA (Argentine Soccer Association) and the clubs.”
Donnari said that the goal is “to generate the best possible product so that the consumer enjoys it and wants to pay for it”. Fox began broadcasting the Superliga in August of last year. The company acquired the rights, together with Turner, for five years, renewable for another five years. “We are within our business plan, we are very happy with the results and we are super optimistic of the future,” said the executive at the event held on May 16 and 17 in Buenos Aires.
The executive acknowledged that initially there were “ghosts” that did not happen, as for example, that “people would not want to pay” for the product. “Those uncertainties were overcome without any difficulty,” he said. In turn, he mentioned piracy as one of the biggest challenges. “We hire specialized companies that have given us an enormous collaboration to achieve very good results. There is deeper and more professional piracy, but we are also fighting it.”
Regarding the consumption via streaming, Donnari explained that “in sports the user tends to choose the largest screen” and recognized that “the Superliga is not being watched on the OTT platform because, in general, people are in their homes and then opt for a more linear distribution.”
On the other hand, Donnari said that “there are commercial opportunities” in the universe of augmented reality. Regarding the virtual reality, the executive said they are making experiences but pointed that there is “a temporary availability of attention”, so VR can be used for specific situations.