Fox launches new digital advertising strategy

Fox Networks Group (FNG) Latin America has launched a new digital content distribution strategy, called Fox Amplified Network (FAN), which will offer advertisers the possibility to reach new audiences and associate their brands with the Group’s Premium content through two models: FAN Player and FAN Social.
FAN Player is a video player owned by FNG Latin America that integrates the Group’s content within the editorial strategy of leading digital publications in Latin America, thanks to alliances that have already been developed.
Contents such as summaries, plays, special events and news related to the UEFA Champions League, the Europa League, the Copa Libertadores, the Argentine, among others, can be sponsored using different formats through the FAN Player, which will be available on the home page and articles of the most relevant local websites.
FAN Social is the extension of the Group’s premium content on the main social platforms (YouTube, Twitter and Facebook), where advertisers have the chance to acquire directly from FNG Latin America.
In both models, in addition to being able to advertise on existing content, it is possible to design personalized contents for each brand.
“FAN goes with the new habits, representing the transfer from ‘primetime’ to on demand consumption. With FAN we seek to deliver greater value to all parties. We benefit both the publishers -who now have access to our highlights and premium content to integrate them into their editorial strategy-, as well as the advertisers who will find all the solutions in the same ecosystem (audience, reach, content and brand safety). And more importantly, we benefit the fans who will be able to enjoy our contents whenever and wherever they want, “said Carlos Chaves, VP of FOX Lab, FNG Latin America.