FNE approves Turner purchase of CDF

Chilean anti-trust regulator FNE approved, with conditions, Turner’s acquisition of soccer broadcaster Canal del Fútbol (CDF). “This acquisition, given the mitigation measures offered, will not substantially reduce competition,” the FNE said in a statement.
Through its official website, the FNE said that it approved “with mitigation measures in Phase 2 the acquisition agreement through which Turner International Latin America, Inc. (Turner) would acquire all the shares of Servicios de Televisión Canal del Fútbol Limitada (CDF), whose sole owners are the National Professional Soccer Association (ANFP) and Gestión de Televisión Limitada.”
In June, the FNE extended the period of analysis to evaluate the existence of potential risks, since the measures presented by the parties during Phase 1 were not sufficient to ensure that, subject to them, the operation did not would substantially reduce competition. Turner agreed to measures that prohibit it from blocking other cable operators from offering the channel, according to Reuters.