Flowics partners with wTVision to expand broadcast solutions

Flowics, a platform focused on interactive content production, has announced this last August 24th a global partnership with wTVision (Mediapro Group), broadcast service supplier that provides real-time graphics and playout automation for sports, election coverage, entertainment shows and news in over 60 countries. As reported by Flowics, this partnership ‘will bring new innovative ways to elevate viewer engagement across every genre with multi platform interactive viewing experiences’.

Through this partnership, Flowic’s audience participation solution is now seamlessly integrated with wTVision’s on-air graphics and video controller for live broadcasts, ‘Studio CG’. This will make it simple for shared clients to curate and manage social media content for easy integration with on-air graphics. ‘Thanks to this integration, Studio CG users can now follow and curate relevant conversations on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Live, YT Live, Twitch and WhatsApp. This allows them to engage with viewers on a deeper level by reacting quickly to the buzz as it is happening live. As reported from Flowics, Studio CG users can set up rules to filter through these conversations in search of the most fascinating and significant content to then air on their broadcasts. Additionally, because Flowics is a cloud-based platform, it can be operated entirely remotely via a web browser. To take audience engagement levels up another notch, production teams can also create interactive experiences including polls, voting, quizzes, competitions and more through Flowics’ experiences builder.

‘We are incredibly excited about this partnership, which is helping us fulfill our mission to power producers globally to create new types of interactive content in simple, efficient ways. We anticipate that broadcasters who leverage this technology will discover more effective methods of captivating their audiences and this will be reflected in their engagement metrics and viewership time’, reported Gabriel Baños, CEO & Founder at Flowics.

Paulo Ferreira, Global Sales VP at wTVision, has also expressed himself on the new partnership agreement. ‘We are thrilled to establish this partnership with Flowics as part of wTVision’s growing strategy. We are aware of the market and customer’s needs, so we are constantly evolving our products and solutions to fit client’s needs, allowing a more complete and interactive workflow. Flowics is a reference in the market and the integration with wTVision Studio CG will allow a complete solution to deliver top of the art technology’, the executive explained. 

‘The integration of these technologies offers wTVision clients in every industry an exciting opportunity to enrich their productions by giving viewers a voice. The world of broadcasting has evolved to a place where modern audiences want more than the passive viewing experience that once sufficed; today’s viewers want to have an active voice in their favorite programs. Incorporating audience interactivity into live broadcasts is an optimal strategy for keeping existing viewers engaged and appealing to new audiences. This partnership has come at a perfect time’, they reported from Flowics.

Gabriel Baños, CEO & Founder at Flowics, is one of the confirmed speakers in ‘The changing face of sports broadcasting in the pandemic era’, a new virtual panel to be held by Dataxis. The event will take place next Thursday, September 24th at 1:00 PM (ART), with free registration, and sponsored by Flowics.