Flow series and movies are available on mobile phones without data consumption through Flow Pass

Personal and Flow introduced a new tool that allows access to Flow contents – such as series, miniseries, programs, movies, music and gaming-. The service works without the need for a Wi-Fi connection, and the megabytes consumed will not be deducted from the monthly data package.

The benefit may be used by Personal customers with fixed payment and invoice with 5 and 8 GB plans, which are also Cablevision customers and have Flow available on their mobile application. Although there is no extra cost and phone  data is not discounted from client’s plans, Flow Pass will be active on cell phones for 30 calendar days or until the 10 GB of the benefit are totally used. It is only necessary to activate the pass from the Mi Personal app. In addition, Personal Black 12 and 20 GB customers also have the benefit available, with 10 GB per monthly cycle included in their plan conditions.

‘With Flow Pass, as a new benefit, we expand the experience of accessibility to mobile entertainment of our Personal customers, making available a dedicated offer of access  to on-demand content and linear TV, when and where they want it’, said Martín Heine, Marketing Director at Telecom Argentina.

Black customers already have their Flow Pass included in their plan conditions with 10 GB of free traffic for the billing month, as reported by Personal. They also reported that any customer of the company will be able to acquire additional passes through Mi Personal, and continue their entertainment experience according to their preferences, through 1, 3 or 30 day-packs.