Flow expands its reach, prepares to add Netflix

In Argentina’s new convergence scenario, Telecom is preparing its offer to face competition. The CEO of the company, Carlos Moltini, ratified the infrastructure and investment plan, although he said it will take more time. Meanwhile, Flow – the next generation multiscreen product – has already surpassed one million users and positioned as an “entertainment supermarket”. Soon it will integrate Netflix.
In an academic conference held during the first day of Jornadas Internacionales ATVC 2018, Moltini recalled that the company launched “a unique investment plan” for USD 5 billion, initially planned until 2020. The executive ratified the initiative but acknowledged that it will be implemented more slowly due to the economic context. “The currency exchange issue affects because what we planned to do in three years will take a little bit more”.
Moltini said that “for all the voices to be heard, investments are necessary.” He also defended the Telecom-Cablevisón merger stating that regulators verified that it will not generate abuse of a dominant position or anti-competitive practices. “The dominant position is not a punishment, what is not allowed is the abuse of that position.”
In this context, he referred to the “short” telecommunications law, which allows telcos to provide DTH. According to Moltini, fiber optics and satellite technology “are complementary services in the content distribution segment.” However, the executive said he is in favor of the launch schedule established by the government, which allows cable operators to prepare for convergence.
Telecom’s CEO also highlighted the importance of offering interactivity and said that Flow is “the reinvestment of content distribution.” The company’s multi-screen platform, launched two years ago, already has more than one million users (through app and set-top boxes) and “in a short time it will integrate Netflix” and also Prime Video “when Amazon decides.” “We think of Flow as the entertainment supermarket where the consumers have everything they need,” he added.
As part of the company’s expansion strategy, during the event Telecom announced a framework agreement with Red Intercable, an association that gathers independent cable television operators, so that they become resellers of Telecom services. The agreements will be made in particular with each operator, according to their needs.