FlixMedia shows exclusive content integrated to Disney releases

Flix Media, a Brazilian company that sells advertising options to be shown in cinemas before the beginning of each film, ran an agreement with Walt Disney World and The World Disney Studios to produce exclusive content, and show in that space the next distributor’s releases.

Contents will be broadcast through Flix Channel, and must last  at least 10 minutes in order to to be shown before the starting of each film.

The influencer Thaynara OG and the comedian Antonio Tabet, who dubbed the voice of the character ‘Rabbit’ from the movie Toy Story 4, recorded a series of videos in Walt Disney World, in Florida, that will be shown in movie theaters starting this month. The content shows the new area of Disney Hollywood Studios, Toy Story Land and attractions in Magic Kingdom and in Animal Kingdom. The aim of the project is to spread the titles Aladdin, which was premiered last May 23rd; Toy Story 4, which will be released on July 20th; and the live-action of The Lion King, which will be in cinemas from next July 18th.