FILMBOX partners with MTN to bring TV and VOD in Nigeria

In line with its international expansion strategy, SPI International’s FILMBOX, will be delivering 24/7 TV channels and a VOD service to MTN’s VeeTee mobile TV service. The international TV operator, SPI, will offer eight channels from its worldwide portfolio to VeeTee including FilmBox Africa with movies and TV series. 

Amongst the channels, subscribers would be able to enjoy FilmBox Art House which features independent and classic movies, DocuBox airing documentaries about nature and human civilisation, FashionBox a channel devoted to fashion trends and shopping fads. Sports fan will see FightBox, Fast&FunBox channels which are dedicated to combat and extreme sports respectively. 360TuneBox, a music channel and Gametoon which is a brand-new gaming channel addressed to millennials will all be available on VeeTee. 

Additionally, to the TV channels, MTN customers will have access to FilmBox OnDemand from VeeTee, to watch TV series, sports, music and lifestyle videos wherever and whenever they want. Amit Karni, the head of distribution of SPI/FILMBOX in Africa said, “The launch of FilmBox channels on VeeTee’s mobile TV services is a major milestone for SPI’s African strategy. We are excited to see our audience grow in Nigeria.”

Temple Obike, founder and CEO of MTN sister company Edentek commented, “This is a victory for the general African digital landscape because mobile streaming for thematic channels is here to stay and with it comes the unbundling of other amazing opportunities aimed at solving Africa’s foremost need for ‘positive empowerment’.”