Federico Canonigo, Flow Content and Programming Manager: “the customers are most interested in non-linear content”

Federico Canonigo, Content and Programming Manager of Flow, Telecom Argentina’s pay TV service, said that from the operator “we understood that the interest of customers is in non-linear content“, during his participation in the panel “New trends in linear and non linear programming in Latin America” on the first day of Nextv Content Distribution Latin America 2021.

“Today, Flow has more than 17 thousand hours of non-linear content and most of it comes from its partners and programmers of its linear content“, he explained. “We directly add content that generates value for the customer that does not come from the linear signal or exclusive content, our own and very local, which is good for us”, Canonigo said. “With all the big data that we get from subscribers’ consumption, we make decisions that we know will serve us”, he added.

On the other hand, Gonzalo Arruiseño, Telefonica’s Latin America Content Manager, agreed with Canonifo that the information they obtain from their users plays a very important role in the decisions they make for content production. In addition, he emphasized that despite the popularity of non-linear content, it always comes from the same alliances which they always worked with. “The most important alliances we can make with apps go hand in hand with our traditional pay TV partners. They are the same businesses that we have been doing for a long time”, he explained.