Facebook, Cisneros expand partnership in Latin America

Cisneros Interactive, a digital advertising division of Cisneros, announced that it has become the official reseller of Facebook in Central America, the Caribbean, and Uruguay, expanding their strategic alliance in Latin America.
Under this new deal, Cisneros Interactive will start providing services to Facebook customers in Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Panama, Puerto Rico and Uruguay. “This alliance with Cisneros Interactive will take Facebook closer to advertisers in the region and offer them the same service and experience we provide to our clients worldwide,” said in a statement Adriana Grineberg, Regional director of Facebook for Central America.
Cisneros Interactive is already the official Facebook reseller for Bolivia, Ecuador and Paraguay. Now, as part of the extension of the deal, Cisneros Interactive will open offices in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama and Uruguay.