Eureka, Bogotá’s first public channel for children’s audiences, is now available on DTT

Bogota’s Government has officially announced last week the launch of ‘Eureka’, the first public TV channel aimed at children’s audiences  in the Colombian capital. The channel was launched on August 16th, it is distributed on DTT and is led by the City’s Sistema de Comunicacion Publica. 

According to Ana María Ruiz, Manager of Canal Capital, also operated by the Bogotan Sistema de Comunicacion Publica, the channel ‘is a disruptive bet, which recognizes and highlights the power that children and teenagers have to be transforming agents of their everyday surroundings’. According to Ruiz, ‘it is for this reason that we want to give them the tools to empower these powers and so that they learn how to participate in the citizen decisions that impact them. In addition, we want to give them content that develops values ​​such as autonomy, co-responsibility, critical thinking, among others’.

‘Eureka’ is aimed at audiences between 3 and 16 years old and, according to the Mayor’s Office of Bogota, the topics on which the channel’s programming will focus are related to citizenship and children’s rights, care for the environment, gender equity and bullying prevention. ‘Taking into account the audiovisual and digital consumption of the audience to which the channel is aimed and the new aesthetics derived from social networks such as Tiktok and YouTube, Eureka will experiment with formats, techniques and narratives that gives feedback to these dynamics, which will allow to make hybrids between genders and ways of telling the different stories’, they reported from the Mayor’s Office.

The channel is already available 24 hours a day on DTT, as well as from its web version. In addition, Eureka has some programming available on the Colombian FTA TV channel Canal Capital, both from Mondays to Fridays and on weekends. The channel also has its official social networks, and is available on Facebook and YouTube.