Ethio Telecom and ZTE extend 4G/LTE penetration in Ethiopia

Ethio Telecom will expand the availability of 4G/LTE network services in Ethiopia, in a move that will see the company spread LTE services to regions outside of the capital, Addis Ababa.

Ethio Telecom, along with its technology partner, ZTE, will offer advanced LTE technology across the southern region of Ethiopia, enhancing download speeds, network reliability and access to mobile broadband services for millions of consumers and businesses.

Ethio Telecom said that it had plans to extend the reach of its new LTE Advanced networks in the coming months and issued a rallying cry to telecommunications stakeholders in the region to help it kick start the evolution of its fledgling digital economy.   

Ethiopia is still considering over the extent to which it is prepared to open up its telecoms sector to foreign investment. Last year, the country considered selling off two telecoms licenses that would have allowed two foreign owned telcos to offer full MNO services in the country. However, the Ethiopian government has since rowed back on that initiative and is now believed to be considering selling off a 40% minority stake in state owned Ethio Telecom.