ETB shows an FTTH growth and increases its TV customer base during Q2 2020

As part of its Q2 2020 quarterly results report, Colombian Empresa de Telecomunicaciones de Bogota (ETB) reported that its FTTH client base, which in 2019 recorded 366 thousand clients, grew in an 18%, and ended June with 433 thousand clients, thus adding 66,779 users, a figure that, according to the company, means more than double the growth of all 2019. Also, in TV, the Colombian company increased its customer base by 3.5%, since it ended March with 126 thousand subscribers, and reported 130 thousand at the end of June.

Likewise, in May 2020, ETB reached  50% of its home and business plant in  FTTH, which, a month later, managed to displace copper as the main technology. As of June 2020, the Colombian company recorded 52% of FTTH clients (equivalent to the 433 thousand users already mentioned), compared to the remaining 48% of the copper base, in which approximately 412 thousand clients are reported. Likewise, between December 2019 and June 2020, the total number of FTTH and copper clients of ETB’s home and business base went from 819 thousand to 842 thousand, adding 23 thousand clients during the first six months of 2020.

Finally, as of June 2020, 66% of the Colombian company’s broadband users are connected via FTTH. The number of broadband users, as reported by the company, including FTTH and copper, added 23 thousand clients between March and June 2020, since it went from 632 thousand to 655 thousand users.

‘These figures are the result of the citizens’ preference for our fiber optics in view of the need to have greater bandwidth to support the simultaneous use of several devices, and, this way, face the activities that were moved to the home, such as work and studying, during the social distancing period’, stated Sergio Gonzalez, President & CEO at ETB.