ETB offers new 500 MB internet plan with FTTH

Colombian telecommunications company ETB (Empresa de Telecomunicaciones de Bogota) has officially announced this Thursday, February 4th, that it has launched a new 500 MB internet plan with FTTH, which will provide higher connection speeds to develop several activities, such as working, studying and entertainment.

“ETB gives answers to the needs of citizens, thanks to the advantages of its fiber optic network. Our company works to lead the digital inclusion of all citizens, contributing to their well-being and making Bogota an increasingly productive territory. For this reason, we have expansion plans for the next three years, which will contribute to closing the digital divide and having more and more quality services’, reported Sergio Gonzalez, President at ETB.

As reported by the company, the megabytes of the plan makes it easier to connect multiple devices at the same time for activities that require higher bandwidth such as video calls with several participants, transferring large files, enjoying and broadcasting high-resolution content in streaming, and others’.

‘Increasing the speed to 500 megabytes is part of ETB’s commitment to boost the country towards the 4th Industrial Revolution and support economic reactivation, since the digital divide means not being able to access the internet, nor having at least a connectivity that allows a quality navigation to face the new activities that now are being done from our households’, added Gonzalez.

Efrain Martinez Monroy, Infrastructure VP at ETB, is one of the confirmed speakers for the coming Nextv Andean event, whose first edition will be held virtually on April 21st and 22nd, organized by Dataxis.