Entel Bolivia opens streaming pay TV service for non-customers

The Bolivian state operator, Entel, announced that its pay TV service, which since its launch in mid-2021 was only enabled for mobile plan subscribers, is now available to the public through the Entel TV Smart app, even for those who are not clients of the company. Meanwhile, for those who are subscribers, it will continue to function as TV Everywhere of the traditional pay TV offer.

During the announcement, the company also revealed that it will add two new VOD content packages with more than a thousand hours of series and movies, which can be acquired from the same platform. In addition, it was detailed that for those who do not have any Entel product, access to the service must be through a prepaid card that the company will provide, in order to enable access for the unbanked public.

“It’s a breakthrough. The entire universe of users who have access to mobile Internet now has the possibility of acquiring Entel’s streaming TV service”, Roque Roy Méndez, General Manager of Entel Bolivia, explained regarding the opening of the service. Meanwhile, Jorge Marcelo Sánchez, National Commercial Manager of the state telco, declared: “The democratization of this service is something important for us“.