Enacom gives pay TV licenses for cooperatives in Argentina

The Community Broadcasting Services Provision and Marketing Cooperative of Argentina (Colsecor), an entity that brings together cooperatives and SMEs throughout the country to provide them telecommunications services, reported that the National Communications Agency (Enacom) granted 32 licenses , which include internet, pay TV services and virtual mobile operators (VMO).

Claudio Ambrosioni, head of Enacom, had reported in early February that licensing of cooperatives and SMEs would be one of his priorities. Colsecor also informed that licenses to provide pay-TV services were granted to entities such as Todd, Grand Bourg, Las Toscas, Lopez Carmelo, Gahan, Ranchos and San Miguel del Monte (all from the Buenos Aires Province); Buchardo, Ballesteros, Porteña, Matorrales, Morrison, Camilo Aldao and Costa Sacate (Cordoba); Maggiolo and Alvarez (Santa Fe); Jacinto Arauz amd Doblas (La Pampa); Santa Sylvina (Chaco) and Oberá (Misiones).

The list of cooperatives with new licenses will be published soon in the Official Legal Bulletin,  the official means from the State, in order to be officialized.