“El Lobista” is the most watched content on Flow

Argentine TV series “El Lobista”, co-produced by Cablevisión, TNT, Eltrece and Pol-ka, is the most-watched content of the year on Cablevsión’s multi-screen platform Flow, with more than 2 million views reached in less than two months after its release, dethroning “Game of Thrones “, according to data provided by the operator.
Cablevisión said in a press release that more than 200,000 unique customers watched the series and 72% of them binged watched the show (people who watched two or more episodes per day). In turn, 63% of customers watched “El Lobista” via Flow Box, while 37% did it through the mobile app (66% of them through smartphones).
Cablevisión also said that 55% of customers completed the series in a week and 28% have already watched all the episodes. “This co-productions project that we have been facing for the second year in a row is giving excellent results: our customers value having access to the full content after the premiere of the first episode on free-to-air TV, to watch it whenever they want”, explained Antonio Álvarez, Telecom’s Programming Director.
The executive said that there are already seven more co-productions planned for the second semester, “so we have 6 months of high-quality content and we hope that they have good results as well”.