Ecuavisa launches new production based on Ecuador’s first experience in a World Cup

The Ecuadorian TV channel Ecuavisa will premiere ‘Si, se puede’, its new 93-episode- original production at the end of July. Its plot focuses on former Ecuadorian football player Ivan Kaviedes life  and the Ecuadorian National Football Team, which classified for the first time a World Cup in 2002.

According to what Karina Medina, Ecuavisa’s Programming Manager, reported to the specialized website Todo TV News, the production of ‘Si se puede’ began in late 2019 and ended its recordings in February. The 93 episodes will be one hour long. The series is located in the 2000s and focuses on former Ecuadorian footballer Jaime Ivan Kaviedes and players who made up the Ecuadorian National Team, who qualified for a World Cup for the first time in 2002, when the competition was played in Korea and Japan.

‘Its plot has two universes. On the one hand, the world of football and, on the other hand, that of the fan. There is love, villains and football. We have used technology to recreate football matches’, the executive told Todo TV News. In addition, Medina confirmed that the marketing phase of the series will begin next June 24th.