Ecuadorian pay TV market decreases its subscribers base again at the end of Q1 2021

According to the figures reported by the Ecuadorian Agencia de Regulacion y Control de Telecomunicacion, the country’s pay TV market ended in Q1 2021 with a total of 856.6 thousand subscribers, 94 thousand subscribers less than the 950,725 with which the area ended 2020.

On the other hand, the figure reported in Q4 2020 has ended a decrease in terms of subscribers that Ecuador had been reporting since Q2 2018, when the Ecuadorian pay TV market gathered almost 1.4 million subscribers. The figure continued to decline until Q3 2020, when Ecuador reported 947 thousand subscribers. The trend was reversed in Q4 2020, with the already mentioned 950,725 customers, although the decline took place again during the first three months of 2021.

According to Arcotel, the Ecuadorian provinces of Guayas, Pichincha and Manabi together represent 56% of total pay TV subscribers, with 26%; 21% and 9%, respectively. Also, in terms of operators, the one who concentrates the largest number of subscribers in Ecuador is DirecTV (AT&T), which ended March with 344.7 thousand subscribers and 40% of the market share. CNT TV ranked second, with just over 207 thousand subscribers (24% of the market share). In addition, TV Cable launched in February Xtrim, its new SVOD OTT, with a catalog that brings together live channels, VOD content and premium packages.