Ecompass acquires Ateme equipment to expand its uplink structure in Argentina

Ateme, an emerging leader in video distribution solutions for transmission, cable, DTH, IPTV and OTT, announced that Encompass Digital Media, a global technology services company that offers integrated video capture and distribution solutions for broadcast and digital media companies , acquired Ateme Kyrion CM 5000 encoders with modulator and Ateme Kyrion DR 5000 decoders. 

‘In the middle of 2018, a specific project came up and required us to expand the entire uplink structure for occasional use that we had developed on the teleport. Studying market technologies and taking advantage of a synergy we had with ATEME, we analyzed the different platforms of the manufacturer and chosen for an encoder – modulator in 1 + 1 configuration’ said Damian Scher, Senior Director Broadcast Engineering at Encompass for Latin America. He also explained that this feature is what allows them to have exclusive carriers for each event. ‘It provides flexibility when we are facing simultaneous events and in multiple satellites; and helps to react quickly to the effects of the operation’, he said.

When referring to the main attributes that led Encompass to choose  Ateme’s technology, the executive highlighted versatility as a key factor. ‘Kyrion is a future-proof solution, since it allows us to perform up-grade in the field and acquire different licenses according to our customers needs. As we have a large number of equipment and not all events have the same ones, this product gives us the possibility to make different configurations depending on the requirements of each event. Undoubtedly, it offers a high cost-benefit advantage, which is why we are very satisfied with the decision made. Today, thanks to Kyrion we can provide a high quality service with more than 99,999 in the events broadcast, which represents a high reliability with very low failure rates’, he concluded.

The contribution solution integrated by Ateme Kyrion CM 5000 and Ateme Kyrion DR 5000 offers the best video quality in its class. Among its main features are: SD / HD / UHD HEVC, H264, MPEG2; 10-bit 4: 2: 2; ultra low latency mode; audio and video input monitoring; common DVB interface option; filtering service with remuxed output; contribution on internet support; DVB-S2x demodulation; and UHD LOCKTM synchronization for 4K H264 reception.