EBC joins TV Brazil and NBR programming on Nova TV

Alexandre Graziani,  Brazil Communication Company’s President (EBC), approved an ordinance to unify TV Brasil and NBR programming on Nova TV Brasil. equipment, resources, media and facilities integration has already been done, and contents produced by NBR have been added too.

Vancarlos Alves, TV Brazil’s Executive Manager, expressed himself about the new programming and explained that ‘we will have more entertainment, information and accessibility, and we will adopt being the ‘most Brazilian network in the country as a concept’. He also added that merging the two channels programming  ‘will add values and serve as a source of credibility for the Government acts’. In addition to its programming, Federal Government acts and actions will be broadcast live.

Although the new programming will bring several new contents, others already consolidated will stay, especially in children’s programming (although it is not exclusive for this segment). In addition, the programming grid will present its own productions, co-productions and alliances with Brazilian and foreign public institutions, and with the National Public Communication Network, which includes more than 40 TV broadcasters. Another source of content for programming is the Brazilian Audiovisual Development Support Program (Prodav), aimed to promote production projects, programming, distribution, marketing and exhibition of independent productions Brazilian audiovisual works.