E-Vision select Synamedia for its multi-country OTT service

Synamedia has announced that E-Vision, a subsidiary of Etisalat Group, has selected the Infinite platform, powered by Synamedia’s video network technologies, for its new multi-country, multi-tenant OTT service. The platform is already live in Egypt and will launch soon in Saudi Arabia. Additional markets will follow in due course.

E-Vision’s new fully managed multi-tenant cloud service provides operators in the MENA region and Pakistan with a state-of-the-art platform to launch and run multi-screen, multi-language OTT services. It complements E-Vision’s existing content and channel licensing activities, which cover Hollywood studios, Bollywood and regional Arab productions, as well as more than 550 TV channels.

E-Vision currently offers telecommunications operators, ISPs and other OTT providers a complete and secure turnkey OTT platform for linear TV and VoD services. E-Vision customers can customize the Infinite user interface to give each service its own appearance. The platform includes a cloud DVR and supports advanced content aggregation, research and recommendations for a proven highly personalized user experience to drive viewer engagement. Additional features supported include Pay TV, SVoD and AVoD business models and the pre-integrated Evergent Revenue and Customer Lifecycle Management platform for full subscriber management and frictionless billing.

By choosing Synamedia as an end-to-end supplier, E-Vision has also deployed advanced video network technologies on the market, including a private CDN platform. The full range of glass-to-glass video networks is capable of continuously reducing latencies at each stage of the workflow – from encoding to CDN and to the player – ensuring that the growing list of E-Vision OTT customers can provide reliable, massively scalable system, high quality viewing experience without buffering.

Humaid Rashid Sahoo, E-Vision CEO declared. “We have worked closely with Synamedia’s talented teams to develop and roll out E-Vision’s new multi-tenant OTT comprehensive service. The Infinite platform is secure and capable of a full end-to-end solution which would guarantee our clients a top-notch, scalable and cost-efficient service,” 

“With its new multi-tenant OTT service, E-Vision is pioneering a new approach to OTT services – one that we believe is the shape of things to come. With such intense competition in the OTT space, a shared video platform makes sense for many operators. Using our scalable, highly reliable, cloud-based platform, E-Vision liberates its OTT customers from worrying about the underlying technology and lets them focus instead on building a sustainable, profitable business faster,” added Yves Padrines, Synamedia CEO.