DStv Angola increased price in 2018

DStv Angola, the pay-TV operator will increase the prices of its service packages in the first quarter of 2018, the CEO Eduaro Continentino announced. The decision to increase the price is justified with “exchange losses and inflation”. The company claims that the measure is unavoidable and promises to make more investments.

Continentino however did not elaborate on the price adjustments, but highlighted that the company pays for content in foreign currency. This year, DStv Angola opened 10 stores and invested around USD 1 million, doubling the branches to 20 units across the country.

Regarding the customer portfolio, Continentino said there has been some growth this year, in contrast to 2016, which he termed as a ‘bad year’ in terms of revenues. For 2018, the outlook is for a better business environment, which should allow for more investment, with the opening of three stores in the first quarter and the opening of another three along the year.