DSO in Nigeria supported by GOtv

Nigeria’s Federal Government to roll out DSO project in Enugu and Oshogbo as part of its commitment to transition from analogue to Digital Terrestrial Transmission across the nation.

Mr. Ishaq Moddibo-Kawu, the Director-General of the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC), said that the preparations for the launch in the two mentioned above states are close to completion and the launch will be held before April. The plan ensures the DSO roll out in 12 states.

On the the challenges of the coverage of the states and territories where the DSO had been launched, explained Modibbo-Kawu, is topography. He said, “Coverage is related to topography. Take an example of the Federal Capital Territory. It is a city of hills and undulating grounds. The signal distributor for Abuja has purchased feeder pillar transmitters, which will be installed for the entire Abuja and environs to be covered. The same thing applies in Plateau. The signal distributor has to put feeder pillar transmitter in places like Langtang for the entire state to be covered.”

However GOtv subscribers were exempted from this challenge. As the country’s first DTT platform and accessible in 44 cities and 26 states in Nigeria, GOtv has participated in the implementation of the DSO project. Right from  its  launch, GOtv has used the latest generation digital video broadcast technology, which leapfrogs the outmoded T1-systems utilized by first movers in digital migration and puts Nigeria at the forefront of technology in the process on the African continent.

GOtv has equally been actively involved in raising awareness about the digital migration, notably through Digilevelz Don Land, No Carry Last” campaign and hardware price slashes to widen access to digital broadcasting. DSO will occur when there is transition from analogue TV to digital terrestrial TV broadcasting. It came about in 2006 when member countries of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), in Geneva, Switzerland, signed an agreement to move from analogue to digital broadcasting by June 2015, the initial deadline for DSO.