DRC returns to Congo four frequencies illegally seized

“In recent days, through the regulator, we are informed that the DRC has just returned four frequencies. We can already solve the problems related to analog and digital frequencies, and carry out our projects like the installation of our digital channels, “said a few days ago, Thierry Moungalla, the Congolese Minister of Communication and Media.

It should be recalled that an agreement had been concluded between the DRC and Congo so that the first retrocedes to the second frequencies seized illegally, for more than 20 years. The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has testified to the fact that these frequencies belong to the Congo. “What is due to the Republic of Congo must return to the Congo, and what belongs to the DRC will remain in the DRC,” said, in this regard, Lambert Mende, the Minister of Communication of the DRC.

The restored frequencies could be used, according to Thierry Moungalla, to deploy Internet TV offers. The Congolese minister also said that other frequencies still used by the DRC media will be returned to Brazzaville in the coming days.