Dominican Republic suspends Univision broadcast on Telecable Central

The National Copyright Office (Onda) of the Dominican Republic ruled in favor of the Spanish-speaking Univision channel and ordered cable TV operator Telecable Central to suspend the broadcast of the channel. The North American company filed a complaint for illegal transmission of its channel.

The provision of Onda is a “precautionary suspension” informed its authorities, since the operator did not present any documentation that proves that it is enabled to transmit Univision’s channel. From the public entity clarified that a final decision has not yet been made.

Univision, represented in the Dominican Republic by the law firm Biaggi Messina, said that the only company that is authorized to exhibit its programming is Telemicro, the FTA station in channel 5. Telecable Central is an operator from the province of La Vega, in the central part of the Dominican territory, which has been extended to other regions of that country.