Dolby On now available in MENA

Dolby On is a free, music and video recording and streaming app which is now accessible on Apple iOS and Android Google Play store across MENA region.

The ‘Dolby On’ app is intended to easily record and live stream audio and video with superior Dolby sound quality by using your phone and letting you capture the moment when it strikes with unmatched simplicity. The app can easily be set up and used.

Dolby On offers musicians and content creators a powerful mobile tool to capture their ideas and inspirations, as they strike, and then turn them into shareable content for their friends and collaborators, in amazing Dolby sound.

For video, the app allows users to frame their shot by setting up the phone or tablet, and ensure that space is lit properly. For audio-only recordings, users can experiment with phone placement to get the right mix of sound sources.

Furthermore, users should verify the levels and keep an eye on the in-app level meter if they’re in the red, and reduce the volume or move the phone further away to avoid clipping.

The app has an in-built ‘one tap’ live streaming feature for sharing out content to Twitch or Facebook.