Disney would sell Fox Sports in Brazil and Mexico

Finance media Bloomberg reported that, according to people close to the discussion, Walt Disney Company would sell Fox Sports in Brazil and Mexico, but it did not give major details on the operation.

Bloomberg reported that  Disney has already agreed Fox Sports sale in Brazil with the  Economic Defense Administrative Council (CADE), which had already released a report at the end of 2018, where it warned about possible risks that Disney and Fox merger could bring to  competition in the sports channels segment. Companies joint already has the Economic Competition Federal Commission approval (Cofece) in Mexico, but Telecommunications Federal Institute pronouncement is still awaited.

Both in Mexico and in Brazil sale details would still be under discussion and it is possible for the situation to change, according to Bloomberg. Up to know, It is unknown whether, in addition to the channels sale, regulators will also demand sailing  sports rights already acquired, according to statements made by Bloomberg.

US Justice Department  had also approved the operation, but asked Disney to get rid of Fox’s regional sport networks to avoid concentration in this field, taking into account that Disney already owns ESPN. Despite they have not been sold yet, there are several interested in acquiring them, including Amazon.