Disney unveils new programming for Latin America

Disney Channels Latin America unveiled the upcoming slate of programming, which includes two new regional productions – “BIA” and “Nivis: amigos de otro mundo”.
BIA is the new production of the creators of “Violetta” and “Soy Luna”. The show will follow the stories of a group of young online content creators who experience technology as a way of being: contemporary, expressive, authentic and connected. It will be available on Disney Channel.
In turn, “Nivis: amigos de otro mundo” will be part of the Disney Junior lineup, which is aimed at children from 2 to 7 years old. This is the first Disney original content in Latin America combining real action and animation, and follows the story of two very different families that learn to live together in harmony.
The group also highlighted the launch of new seasons of its originals “Junior Express” (on Disney Junior) and “O11CE”, the soccer series that will be aired on Disney XD.
Disney’s channels will also premiere 9 new series, 14 new seasons, 2 specials and 14 new films, among other contents.