Disney offers almost USD 10 million to use the ‘Star+’ brand in Brazil

According to the information reported on several specialized websites in Brazil, The Walt Disney Company has offered itself to pay R$ 50 million (about USD 9.6 million) to the premium TV network Starz (Lionsgate), with the aim of to solving the existing legal dispute between both companies for the use of the ’Star’ and ‘Star+’ brands in the country. So far, neither Lionsgate nor The Walt Disney Company have expressed themselves on this issue.

The news takes place days after the Brazilian Justice has expressed itself in favor of Starz, in a decision that establishes that, although both Disney and Starz use the word and the phonetics ‘Star’ in their streaming products, Srarzplay, Starz’s SVOD OTT was launched earlier in the region and, for this reason, it has priority in its application, in which it argued that the name ‘Star+’, to be used by Disney to launch its new streaming platform in Latin America, is very similar to Starzplay, and such similarity could cause confusion between users. Starz has also filed lawsuits against Disney in Argentina and Mexico on this matter, but no news has been reported so far.

The amount to be paid by Disney will be as compensation for possible losses and damages that the use of the Star + brand may cause to Starz in Brazil, as long as Disney is able to use it. So far, the company is keeping August 31st as the launch date of its new platform in the region. A new session on the matter is expected to be held on August 24th. If the Brazilian Justice rules again in favor of Starz, the launch of Star+ could be delayed in the country.