Disney looking to integrate OTT service in all ecosystems

Diego Lerner, president of The Walt Disney Company Latin America, spoke about the company’s OTT strategy and stressed that the new service will be offered in all ecosystems, following the model used in the U.S. The executive also referred to the merger with Fox as a “fascinating opportunity”.
“We are developing our own platform with the conviction of not segmenting the content offer or renouncing the conventional market of distribution,” Lerner said during a conference held in Jornadas Internacionales 2018 in Argentina, in which Telecom’s CEO Carlos Moltini also participated.
According to Lerner, the goal is “to be present with our platform within those same aggregators, operators and other new players. The important thing is the presence in all the ecosystems.”
“Our own platform will allow us to reach the consumer only interested in acquiring our channels. I don’t believe the ‘all or nothing’ idea will take place in the coming world.” According to Lerner, “what is going to change a bit is the concept of first window and exclusivity. What counts is the consumer”.
“I can’t imagine a segmentation, an offer of our content without the active participation of large ecosystems of all kinds, not only cable operators but ecosystems that are a way to access all consumers.”
According to Lerner, Disney is a brand that “defines feelings”, while Netflix “has no editorial line” and “depends on its content”.
Regarding the deal with Fox, he said it represents a “fascinating opportunity” that will allow the company to reach “a new audience.”