Disney+ launches original content produced in Latin America

The Walt Disney Company Latin America has officially announced this Monday the first original, local and exclusive Disney+ productions -new Disney´s SVOD OTT recently launched in Latin America-, entirely produced in the region. Its premieres will take place exclusively on the platform between 2020 and 2021. With the new releases, the company reinforces its commitment to produce local content developed by and for Disney+, by renowned production companies from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico, starring artists from the entire region, including fiction content, talk shows, documentaries, live shows, and others.

‘At The Walt Disney Company Latin America we know how important locally relevant stories are to our audiences. That is why we have produced original content from and for Latin America and the rest of the world for more than two decades. Now, with Disney+, we offer, in an only and exclusive destination, continuous, permanent and frequent access to this catalog of original content from the region that emotionally connects with each member of the family while being accessible at the same time in other continents, allowing to export the rich and vast creativity of Latin America. This is why we reinforce our strategic commitment with Latin America to produce original content with the talents of the region. Initially, we have already developed more than 70 productions that are in different production stages: 15 in Brazil, 21 in Mexico, 29 in Argentina and 6 in Colombia’, said Diego Lerner, President at The Walt Disney Company Latin America.

As officially reported by the company, three of the new regional productions with exclusive premiere on Disney + were developed in three versions (Brazil, Mexico and Argentina), with Non Stop production for National Geographic and with local presenters from each of these countries. Titles are called ‘Sobrevolando (already available on Disney +), narrated by Brazilian actor Rodrigo Santoro, Mexican musician Jay de la Cueva and Argentine musician Fito Paez. Another of the titles is called ‘Voluntarios: todo sea por la ciencia’, which features TV presenters such as Rafael Cortez in Brazil, Adal Ramones in Mexico, and Marley in Argentina. Finally, it also includes the docuseries ‘Lo que no sabías del humor’, presented by comedians Fabio Porchet (Brazil); Alex Fernández (Mexico) and Miguel Granados (Argentina).

Disney+ strengthens the offer of original Latin American with documentaries and fiction productions such as ‘El repatriado’, filmed in Mexican and US locations and produced by BTF Media; and ‘Chaparreando’, starring Mexican Omar Chaparro and his son Emiliano, and co-produced by 3Pas Studios and Pantaya. Disney+ will also add original productions and acquired content that feature music, including ‘Conecta y canta’, presented by Colombian artist Sebastián Yatra and produced by BTF Media; and ‘Entrelazados’, an exclusive original Disney+ production by Pampa Films

The platform will also feature Disney Channel Latin America’s original productions with exclusive premieres on Disney+, such as ‘Bia: un mundo al reves’; ‘Soy Luna: el ultimo concierto’ and ‘El ristorantino de Arnoldo’. In addition, the new season of the Nat Geo Kids production ‘Opa Popa Dupa’ will also be available.

To date, The Walt Disney Company in Latin America is working on the development of more than 70 projects in different locations in the region. The landscapes of Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Colombia are the ones selected for the stories to be watched around the world through Disney+, including ‘Releyendo Mafalda’; ‘Papas por encargo’; ‘Todo igual, o no’; ‘Mi musica, mi tierra’; ‘Fuego Amigo’ and ‘Martinha’.

In addition, Disney Channel titles such as ‘Violetta’, ‘Soy Luna’, ‘Disney Bia’, ‘Highway: rodando la aventura’ and ‘Art Attack’ are already available on the platform; Disney XD productions such as ‘O11CE’, ‘Juacas’, ‘Peter Punk’ and ‘Jungle Nest’; and Disney Junior series such as ‘Nivis, amigos de otro mundo’, ‘Junior Express’ and ‘Morko y Mali’. Some of the titles to be added soon are ‘Cuando toca la campana’ (Disney Channel); ‘La floreria de Barbara’, ‘La casa de Disney Junior’, ‘El jardin de Clarilu’, ‘Playground’ and ‘Playhouse Disney’ (Disney Junior), and others. More details on each of the already mentioned original productions will be released soon, as well as the other content developed in the region that will reach Disney+ in Latin America and other international markets exclusively, during the remainder of 2020 and 2021.