Disney+ includes all Disney films

Disney+, OTT to be launched at the end of the year, will include all titles produced by Disney throughout its history in its catalog, as confirmed by Bob Iger, CEO of the company, during the annual shareholders meeting that took place last week.

‘Disney+ will put together what we call our catalog products, movies and TV, with many original productions. And, sometime, shortly after the release, all Disney movies catalog will be included, so that those films which has been sorted in a ‘vault’ and were published basically every few years, will be in the service. And then, of course, we are producing a series of original movies and TV programs that will also have Disney’s brand’, Iger reported.

Disney’s platform will offer classical films such as Dumbo and Blancanieves to subscribers, together with other more modern titles like Frozen and Zootopia. ‘It is going to make an  old-new combination’, said Iger. Among the new productions, Star Wars live action series was confirmed, named ‘The Mandalorian’, and an original Marvel series.

OTT’s launching will mean the end of ‘Disney Vault’, which consisted of selling Disney films in home, VHS or Blu-ray formats. When the copies ran out, tapes returned to the ‘Disney Vault’ for a 10 year-period and, once that time passed, it was put on sale again .