Disney confirms new Disney+ international releases and prices

The Walt Disney Company confirmed today that its OTT Disney+, scheduled to be launched in the US on November 12th at USD 6.99 per month, will also arrive at Australia, Canada, the Netherlands and New Zealand. As the company had officially reported in April, ‘after the US debut, Disney+ will expand rapidly globally, with plans to be in all major regions of the world in the next two years’.

Canada and the Netherlands will be the first two countries where Disney’s OTT launches. The scheduled date is November 12th, same day in which it will be launched in the US. The Canadian version subscription will be worth USD 6.78 per month, or USD 67.7 per year, while in Holland values will be USD 7.75 per month or USD 77.7 annually. Later, Disney+ will be available in Australia and New Zealand a week after the US launch, arriving next November 19th. The Australian subscription will cost USD 6.09 per month and USD 68.8 per year, while in New Zealand values will be USD 6.42 per month and USD 64.2 per year.

In the US, it was recently announced that Disney will bundle Disney +, ESPN + and Hulu for USD 12.99 per month, although the offer will not be available outside the country. Disney+ will have 300 films and 7,500 episodes of Disney TV series. Of the 300 films, eight will be from Star Wars, 18 from Pixar, 70 from Disney Animation and four from Marvel. The plan also includes increasing the number of films to 400 during the first year.