Disney confirms Fox channels rebranding in Latin America from 2021

After several rumors reported by different specialized websites, The Walt Disney Company Latin America has finally confirmed this Thursday, December 17th, that, as of February 2021, Fox channels in the region will be rebranded as ‘Star’.

This way, Fox Channel will be rebranded as ‘Star Channel’; Fox Life will now be ‘Star Life’; the new name of Fox Premium will be ‘Star Premium’; Fox Premium Movies will be ‘Star Hits’; Fox Premium Series will be ‘Star Series’; Fox Premium Action will be ‘Star Action’; Fox Premium Comedy will be called ‘Star Comedy’; Fox Premium Family will be called ‘Star Fun’; Fox Premium Cinema will be ‘Star Cinema’; Fox Premium Classics will be ‘Star Classics’; Fox Premium 1 in Brazil will be called ‘Star Hits’; and Fox Premium 2 in Brazil will be ‘Star Hits 2

‘Star will arrive at Latin America to continue offering the best general entertainment content from the Fox linear channels, which, starting in February, will change their name to ‘Star’.  This way, Star will continue Fox’s successful legacy, already consolidated for many years, and will also add other relevant innovations. The Walt Disney Company Latin America thus confirms its mission to reach all segments and audiences with relevant content across the entire range of audiovisual entertainment’, reported Diego Lerner, President at The Walt Disney Company Latin America.

In addition, the company reported that it will soon report more details on Star+, the new SVOD OTT that it plans to launch in Latin America by mid-2021.