Disney aims to launch Hulu internationally in 2021

Bob Iger, CEO at The Walt Disney Company, reported that the company is working on a plan to launch Hulu internationally, as announced two years ago. Iger expressed himself about Hulu at the last analyst conference recently held, where he gave about the Disney+ expansion  process and said the plan is to repeat it with Hulu by 2021.

‘We are working on a plan to launch Hulu internationally. At the moment, we do not have a specific plan, except for the fact that we want to start the expansion in 2021, after that of Disney+’, explained the executive. In 2019, Hulu acquired AT&T shares on the platform. With the negotiations, Hulu became to be owned by Disney and Comcast. Then, last May, Disney acquired full control of Hulu after having an agreement ran  with Comcast.

Among the biggest challenges for the expansion, Iger emphasized on the inclusion of local content that certain markets require to include in  OTTs, and the differences in infrastructure and broadband, although he reported that the expansion would mean ‘great opportunities’ for Disney.