Discovery Kids to air preschool series ‘Purple Turtle’ in MENA

The preschool series Purple Turtle, a co-production from Aadarsh Technosoft, Telegael and Cyber Group Studios, has been introduced on Discovery Kids in the MENA region.

The show is available on Discovery Kids with ten episodes a day. The 52×7-minute 2D series has been developed by India’s Aadarsh and co-produced by Manish Rajoria and Ankita Shrivastava from Aadarsh, Paul Cummins from Ireland’s Telegael and Pierre Sissmann from Cyber Group.

Cyber Group handles international sales for the IP and is managing the licensing, merchandising and publishing outside of India.

The Director of Aadarsh, Manish Rajoria, said, “We are very excited with the response the show has received across the Middle East and Northern Africa with Discovery Kids. We are now launching Purple Turtle’s edutainment app worldwide and have already sold over tens of thousands of books featuring our hero and his friends.”

On the other hand, the Chairman and CEO of Cyber Group Studios, Pierre Sissmann, stated, “Purple Turtle is a very sweet series full of values that fit very well with Cyber Group’s preschool DNA. I am particularly pleased of having joined the co-pro team and having Cyber as a global distributor of the series.”