DirecTV to be available for United Airlines flights in Latin America

US airline United Airlines includes DirecTV’s offer for free, which is part of a catalog of more than 100 live TV channels and the launch of new Hollywood films, available on selected Boeing 737 aircrafts. The new offer is available to customers on selected long distance routes in Latin America.

Apart from including DirecTV live and free for long distance flights customers from the plane’s personal screens, clients can also choose to use their cell phones, tablets or laptops and access a catalog with more than 280 movies and TV shows through the United app, without an extra payment.

‘This year we will present a series of innovations and improvements designed to help all our customers to create a great experience’, said Toby Enqvist, United Airlines Customer Service Director. He also added  that the free entertainment offer, both on United Airlines screens or in personal devices, ‘is an example of how our customers are central points on what we do and it is rewarding to help them relax and enjoy their flights’.