DirecTV to appeal Osiptel’s verdict for Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup broadcast

DirecTV officially expressed itself after the charges applied to it by the Peruvian Telecommunications Private Investment Supervisory Agency (Osiptel), which reported anti-competitive behaviours during the last Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup broadcast. 

Through an official statement, DirecTV Peru SRL argued that the verdict ‘lacks evidence to support this alleged violation’, and said it was not part of an alleged agreement to restrict the last World Cup broadcast. This way, the DTH operator denied having developed an anti-competitive behaviour in against the market or pay TV subscribers in Peru.

DirecTV also indicated that it will appeal Osiptel’s decision and that it is confident that it will be reviewed in the second legal instance. In addition, it insisted on its commitment to fulfill with free competition rules.

According to Osiptel, Compañia Latinoamericana de Radiodifusion SA (Latina Television) and DirecTV Peru would have colluded to exclude pay TV operators from the 2018 World Cup broadcast in Russia. For this reason, each company received an economic fine.