Digital platforms to pay VAT in Colombia

Colombian Finance Minister Mauricio Cárdenas said that in June, digital platforms from abroad, among them Netflix, will have to pay VAT in the country.
“Today, June 1st, begins the period from which all digital platforms, wherever they are, that sell goods and services to tax residents in Colombia are obliged to charge VAT,” said the Minister during the Asofiduciarias Congress 2018, held in Bogotá.
Colombia included the payment of VAT for online platforms in the tax reform of 2016. However, the local newspaper Dinero reported that the decree by which this tax would be regulated is not yet ready. At the end of May, the Ministry of Finance published on its website the decree that regulates the tax, and comments about it will be received until June 14. In this way, the National Directorate of Taxes and Customs (Dian) does not have the regulations yet, and there is still no official date from which the services provided by foreign platforms must include the VAT.
The new regulation establishes that the credit, debit and prepaid card must apply VAT to electronic or digital services acquired through companies that provide services from abroad, such as audiovisual services for music, videos, movies and games of any kind, among others.