DAZN buys Brazilian Football Championship’s Serie C

The sports OTT DAZN acquired the rights to broadcast the Brazillian Football Championship’s Serie C, the third tier of the Brazilian football league system, in an agreement between DAZN and the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) ran last week. Owning these rights allows the OTT to broadcast the tournament on Free-to.air (FTA), pay TV and online. Apart from that, CBF wants to add another channel to broadcast the competition on pay TV together with DAZN, and Fox Sports was the first one consulted, according to what Brazilian website ‘Notícias da TV’ reported.

DAZN also dealt with Rede TV for sublicensing the South American Cup and Italian championship’s rights. A structure is being developed to launch the OTT in Brazil, by hiring executives and staff, although the official launching date has not been announced yet.  According to ‘Notícias da TV’, the monthly subscription will cost around USD 12.

Last week, DAZN announced that it will launch an OTT test version in Brazil this Wednesday, April 17th. Those who are interested in accessing it, must register themselves on the official DAZN website and may enter for free for a three-month period.